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Co-Publisher, Serving House Books
Editor Emeritus, The Literary Review
Editorial Committee Member FDU Press
Editorial Board Member, Web Del Sol
Contributing Editor, Serving House Journal
Emeritus Professor of English,
Department of Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy,
     Fairleigh Dickinson University
Core Faculty member, FDU MFA in Creative Writing
Core Faculty Member, MA in Creative Writing & Literature for Educators

New Story Collections

Cummins' seventh story collection, Telling Stories: Old & New, was released by Del Sol Press in 2013. His sixth, Habitat: Stories of Bent Realism, was issued by the same publisher in 2013.


In addition to seven short story collections, Cummins has published more than 100 stories, as well as memoirs, essays, and reviews, in such magazines as Kansas Quarterly, New Letters, Other Voices, Crosscurrents, Florida Review, Arts & Letters, South Carolina Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Virginia Quarterly Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Arabesques, and Confrontation, and on the Internet. His story collections are titled Witness, Where We Live, Local Music, Habitat: Stories of Bent Realism and Telling Stories: Old & New. Early in his career, two novels, A Stranger to the Deed and Into Temptation, came out as paperback originals.

He also has published memoirs, essays, articles, and reviews. The book version of The Literary Explorer, written with Thomas E. Kennedy, was released in 2005. A study of the impact of TV on life in the U.S., Programming Our Lives: Television and American Identity, co-written with George Gordon, was published by Praeger in 2006. Details about that book are available in the online catalogue. The book version of Writers on the Job, co-edited with Thomas E. Kennedy, was published in 2008. With Thomas E. Kennedy, he is co-publisher of Serving House Books.