Local Music Reviews


"A really good short story is one of literature’s particular pleasures and a collection of Walter Cummins’ stories can be found in Local Music . . ." from Bookviews

"[Cummins] is moved, as are we after we begin to understand him, by intense compassion. This is not an easy book but it is one that is impossible to forget. . ." from The Compulsive Reader

"I’m also impressed that in all seventeen stories, Cummins manages to create an unexpected twist that is compelling and, upon consideration, the only real way the story could end." from Armchair Interviews

"Cummins'  focus and balance from story to story constitute a fine high-wire act reminiscent of Raymond Carver in his later tales. . . . Cummins is as masterful as Carver in the sparse fullness of his language. Reading Local Music makes one realize why Cummins has published more than a hundred stories in dozens of journals and magazines and anthologies. Here is a virtuoso writer who has something to say about the human condition and knows how to say it in an earthy way. No frills, but plenty of penetration."   from Duff Brenna, Perigree

"The stories that you will find in Local Music are about broken down people, dysfunctional families and vague human drama. The stories build up to a certain point and then, just when you think that things will work out, the bottom drops out. Yeah, just like in real life. For the most part the stories found here aren't of the feel-good variety. They are raw emotion and human experience exposed to the bare bones."  from BVS Reviews