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The Stories

A man who can't bring himself to return to the apartment of his failing marriage, a woman spied upon by a neighbor, a father terrified by the four-year-old next door, a boy living in a house haunted by his mother's madness, a mother whose children are freezing in a heatless bedroom – they and all the characters in the 17 stories of Local Music are unsettled in their own homes, their lives dissonant and discordant.

Online Samples

"Pleasure" at Del Sol Review

"Ten Years" at Connecticut Review


“Local Music” and “Riding West” appeared in Georgetown Review, “Escaping This Place” and “Gone” inNorth Atlantic Review, “Homemaking,” “Handyman,” and “Brother” in Green Hills Literary Lantern, "Visiting" in Crosscurrents, "Clogged" in Florida Review, “Pleasure” in Del Sol Review, "Petrushka" inCrescent Review, “Trap” in This: a Serial Review, “Fathering” in Dominion Review, “Ten Years” and “Hiding Place” in Connecticut Review, “Islands” in Sonora Review, and “Little Old Man” in Bellevue Literary Review.


Local Music