Whether on a resort island, on a bus burrowing through the darkness, disoriented in European cities and villages, fearful at a lakeside table or on a mountain climb, bewildered in the crypt of the Vatican or in rooms and landscapes suddenly strange, the people in these sixteen stories don’t know where they are or who they are. They struggle to locate themselves in their lives.


Cummins' focus and balance from story to story constitute a fine high- wire act reminiscent of Raymond Carver in his later tales. . . . Cummins is as masterful as Carver in the sparse fullness of his language. . . . Here is a virtuoso writer who has something to say about the human condition and knows how to say it in an earthy way. No frills, but plenty of penetration.

—Duff Brenna, author of Murdering the Mom

Cummins captures the myriad troubles that plague ordinary humans in this world, their sometimes constrained choices, and the outcomes that follow. In capturing their ordinary struggles so well, and their now and then victories, this work is certainly a masterwork of classic American realism.

—Jack Smith, author of VHog to Hog

The Lost Ones captures the beautiful strangeness in ordinary lives. These masterful stories are so memorable—Walter Cummins writes about loss and lost-ness with a sharpness and poignancy unique to him.

—Rene Steinke, author of Holy Skirts



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