Stories in The End of the Circle


The Stories

The setting of these storieswhether the streets of London and Paris, the canals of Venice and Leiden, or the icy paths of the Swiss Alpsare solidly grounded.  It's the people who are lost, struggling to understand where they truly are and break free to find their way home. 

Online Samples 

"Canals" at Portland Review
"Poaching" at Arabesques Review


"Oxfords" appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review, "Baggage" in Florida Review, "The Happy Frenchmen" in Other Voices, "Stef" in North Atlantic Review, "What Eamon Did" in Georgetown Review, "The Beauties of Paris" in Best New Writing 2007, "Restoring the Castle" in Connecticut Review, "Awful Advice" and "Someone Else" in Confrontation, "Canals" in Portland Review, "Missing Venice" in Abiko Quarterly, "Poaching" in Arabesques, "Freedom" in Princeton Arts Review, and "The End of the Circle" in Bellevue Literary Review.

The End of the Circle