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• Irresponsible and Maladjusted
• Our Literary Travels
• Death Cancer Madness Meaning
• Knowing Writers
• Telling Stories: New and Old
• Habitat: Stories of Bent Realism
• The Lost Ones
• The End of the Circle
• Local Music
• The Literary Traveler
• Programming Our Lives: Television and American Identity
• Where We Live
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• The Literary Explorer - Places
• Writers on the Job
• Florham: An American Treasure
• Olmsted's Genuis: The Landscaping of Florham
• The Richest and Most Famous Private Chef in the World: Joseph Donon
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Walter Cummins

photograph by Alison Cummins

Walter Cummins has published seven short story collections—Witness, Where We Live, Local Music, The End of the Circle, The Lost Ones, Habitat: stories of bent realism, Telling Stories: Old and New. He also has four collections of essays and reviews—Knowing Writers, Death Cancer Madness and Meaning, Irresponsible and Maladjusted, and Seeking Authenticity. More than one hundred of his stories, as well as memoirs, essays, and reviews, have appeared in magazines such as New Letters, Arts & Letters, Kansas Quarterly, Virginia Quarterly Review, Under the Sun, Confrontation, Bellevue Literary Review, Connecticut Review, in book collections, and on the Web. With Thomas E. Kennedy, he is founding co-publisher of Serving House Books, an outlet for novels, memoirs, and story, poetry, and essay collections. For more than twenty years, he was editor of The Literary Review.

His other publications include Our Literary Travels and The Literary Traveler, co-written with Thomas E. Kennedy; Programming Our Lives: Television and American Identity, co-written with George Gordon; and collaboration in five books on the Vanderbilt-Twombly Florham Estate.

He is a professor of English Emeritus at the Florham Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he taught in the MFA Program in Creative Writing and the MA Program in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators. His degrees are a BA in English from Rutgers and an MA in Humanities, MFA in Creative Writing, and PhD in English from the University of Iowa.